International Affairs

Anne Farris Rosen was an American-based off-camera reporter for foreign-produced television documentaries. Here is a sample:

Endgame in Ireland

View the film 

This four-part documentary traces the complicated process of ending violence and reaching peace in the divided country of Northern Ireland. Telecast by Britain’s BBC, Ireland’s RTA, and America’s PBS.


Kosovo The Reckoning: How the War Was Spun

The first segment in a BBC trilogy examines the public-relations campaign that followed NATO’s accidental bombing of Kosovo refugees during the spring of 1999.




The American Taleban


This BBC documentary charts the dramatic transformation of John Walker Lindh from a California  youth to a soldier for the Taleban in Afghanistan.







All content is an original production of Anne Farris Rosen.
Anne (Farris) Rosen

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