Anne Farris Rosen writes about politics at the local, state, and national levels.

Mobile polling tactics not yet replacing the phone

How political tech will shape the 2014 election

Anne Farris Rosen examined how technology and mobile polling affectdell technologyed the 2014 elections for Dell’s Tech Page One.


Anne Farris Rosen covered politics as a special correspondent for The New York Times and The Washington Post

An Arkansas Governor in Business and Politics NewYorkTimes.svg


Tucker Plans to Appeal ConvictionUntitled1

In Clinton-Gore Sequel to ’92, Thomason is Back on Board

Anne Farris Rosen’s nine-month investigation of the Arkansas Attorney General’s use of state money on personal trips and lavish meals resulted in his scrapped gubernatorial campaign, felony conviction and ultimate resignation.

Trial of Arkansas Attorney General Opens Today NewYorkTimes.svg

Arkansas Official is Guilty of Theft

Steve Clark Drops Out of Race, Found Guilty of Theft and Resigns arkansas


Lords of the Spin – In the Shadow of Power

A two-part British/French television documentary examines the history of political marketing and the professionals who craft and spin political messages.





Electoral Reform: Moving from Crisis to Positive Change

A history and agenda of voting reforms following the historic presidential election that was ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.



All content is an original production of Anne Farris Rosen.
Anne (Farris) Rosen


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