The Clintons

Anne Farris Rosen reported for more than a decade on both Bill and Hillary Clinton in Arkansas and Washington, D.C.

The Clintons: A Marriage of Power

A three-part documentary traces the Clintons’ personal and political partnership, from their early courtship to their  two-term residency in the White House. Originally produced for Channel 4 in England, the series also appeared on The Learning Channel and Turner Movie Classics.




Anne Farris Rosen was a special correspondent for The Washington Post reporting on the Clinton White House and campaign finance

Guest Lists at White House Didn’t Include Rap Sheets; Some at DNC Fund-Raising Coffees Ran Afoul of Law

Clinton’s bank loans larger than previously reported

Unfolding Story Swelling Like a Sponge

Clinton’s link to China

Bloodsport: The President and His Adversaries

bloodsportAnne Farris Rosen was a researcher for this Simon & Schuster best-seller about scandals,  investigations and political combats that engulfed the Clinton White House.






Making the Grade

This article describes Hillary Clinton’s efforts to reform education while she was the First Lady of Arkansas.







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Anne (Farris) Rosen



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